Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Sunday Scan

Me, NYC 1995

We are back! No we weren't in NYC. Just wishful thinking on my part.

I've yanked on my blogging boots tonight and am getting going again. We've been back for about 2 weeks. This past week was my birthday week and I've been working hard on relaxing for most of it. The Bubster made me a card and enjoyed hiding my presents around the house. I received a new coffee plunger, a tea pot, two books on gardening and a DVD, Sherlock Holmes - The Scarlet Claw, beautifully restored by the UCLA film and television archive. It really does look superb and the sound is flawless. The Hubster has been wanting to show this film to me for a long time because of the plot line; one of the characters pretends to be several different people. Sound interesting? Tracy, Kerrie?? LOL!

Before our eventfilled July, I'd been in the process of trying to reorder my online time. I'm sure all mothers are familiar with this scenario: the minute you go online, that special little someone in your life wants all your attention. I could be mopping the floor, doing the dishes, or any other ordinary thing without the least bit of interest coming my way. But the minute I go online, a masterful tactical defense is strategically launched; Operation Disruptus.

"Do you need a 'tiss mummy? How about a hudg? Watch me do a roll! What can I write on with these pens? What is that a picture of? I'm hundgry! Can you help me fold this? La la la la la! I'm hundgry! I need to use the toiylet! When's dinner? Can I throw this ball in here? I love you mummy, mmwa, mmwa kissy kiss. Can I sit on your lap? There's something in this shoe. I don't like these sockts. They make my feet all pointing and yucky. Are you done yet? It's cold in here! Can I watch TV?"

And on it goes. And goes.

It doesn't matter if I've gone to the trouble to set him up with something to do, Operation Disruptus is the bigger draw card. So, upon our return, the Bubster and I have been internet free during our day. We don't have much time left now before he goes to school for the whole day. I feel the crystals of time disappearing under my feet as I try to scurry up the crumbling bank. I just don't know where it all has gone. But that is a whole other post.

So, our current daytime events include the occasional hat making session:

Or a smashing stuff up with a hammer event:

Or practicing our snow plow on homemade ski's out of left over stuff from the hammer smashing event:Hey, we know how to rock and roll around here!

Coming attractions? We shall see!


Kelly said...

ohh im glad your back! read that out to mu hubster and we did but larped alot bout all have such a great 'eye'? 'ear'? ummm whatdo you call that? ...talent!

Lissy said...

I think when we go to be our kids all hop onto the internet & swap strategies on interrupting us in the day don't you think??

Can that boy get any cuter???

Blowing kisses down South.

Sorry I missed your birthday, I saw it come & I saw it go on the calendar...glad there were some wonderful surprises in there...


Lissy said...

I meant to say "I think when we go to bed our kids all hop onto the internet..." It doesn't make sense without that letter??

JustJess said...

They all have their special skills and talents! Going online is fraught here too - it's now relegated to the 30 mins after school tv time!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Hey there,

Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a lovely time.

I love that fantastic photo.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I'd love to have a look at those links you mentioned.