Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi from abroad

We are halfway through our trip to Grandma's and it's going well. It snowed. In October? What? The bubster got to pull out my old sled and go down the hill. My old sled is something that would be banned now. It's wooden with steel runners - the real deal. He loved it.

Shopping at the grocery store is always a culture shock for me. That and commercials on TV. Yesterday at the grocery one of the items on special was a 4 pack of cinnamon rolls. Buy 1, get one free. The lady behind the display says, "Buy 1, get one free! Ya can't loose with that!" I said, "Yes, in more ways than one!" I don't think she registered my point. Keeping one's weight down will not be easy around here! Mom of course, got the rolls. I of course, had one this morning.

Then yesterday, I found the mother load of wool and vintage fabric scraps. This is a difficult find for the overseas crafter. Yes, I want them. But I live in Australia. Yes, I could pack them all into my second bag on my two bag baggage allowance. But volumetrically speaking, it's really more like a three bag affair. (or more....)

So, I've got an excess of cinnamon buns in one room and an excess of vintage fabric in another. And lets not even think about the knitting wool in the secret stash room..........

Did I mention the exquisite carnival glass dish set too? The possibilities amongst the crockery are a whole other consideration.


Tracy, mom2many said...

You're in the States?

Do you have my number? Do I have one for you?

Lissy said...

Wow Karin.
How wonderful to be "home" again for a while.
We're hoping to head off to QLD tomorrow - 5th time "lucky"?? We've packed up our little camping trailer & fingers crossed we can leave in the morning. Travelling with children & making some new memories is kinda exciting :-)
Love to you guys - enjoy soaking it all in.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Hello Karin. Thought I'd stop in a say Hi. Sounds like you're having a lovely time. Enjoy.

laura said...

Carnival glass!! Wow! Just wrap it up in your vintage fabric and hope for the best!