Monday, November 23, 2009

Did I ever show you this?

This is a camera that the bubster made over winter. I find it hilarious, especially when he does the shutter noise to accompany his photo taking experience. Shhhhhhhhhhhheck! Too funny!!

He's holding it rather well!


forward tumble said...

He can start his own wordless wednesday soon!


Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com said...

I LOVE IT!! You could make a pinhole camera with an oatmeal box, so why not this! :) xo k-

Karin said...

Wordless Wednesday? Must investigate that, Ines!

Kara, LOL. Yeah, a pinhole camera! Why not! I haven't done one of those in decades!

I also find it hilarious that the lens is positions just exactly perfectly around the army men. Gotta make sure they are represented. LOL