Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday Boy

We now have a  5 year old in our house. The bubster turned 5 yesterday. I think he's beautiful, but I could be biased.

The party will be in about 10 days. Yikes! I'm not on top of things this year!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday to the Bubster!!! Karin, he is just gorgeous!
Love and Hugs,

Kelly said...

Sweet pea! hey its funny you know in Blogland when you are 'around' for another milestone, birthday, change of season. Youre really seeing peolpe and life change in a way you never imagined. Hppy Birthday. Wasnt last year cowboys or something like... that was a cool birthday i stored away for future use. And i never did say all the best for your plans to add to the family ( busy head here)...tough road Im sure but if ya get there...whoot! K xx

Lissy said...

What a handsome young man Karin!!

Hippo Birdy dear Magnus.

I have "fluffy cloud" syndrome. Can't seem to get ANYTHING much done. Oh I can get through a bit of laundry & vacuum the floor, but as for bigger things - cards, gifts, end of year hope...

Magnus' birthday always seems to creep up on me. Bless you all as you celebrate. Love to all there in Canberra :-)

CJCACC's Mom said...

Happy birthday precious Mr. M!

You are growing to be a very handsome big boy.

Hugs and kisses from your Mexican aunt,


Hey Karin, you are not biased, he is gorgeous.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Hasn't he grown up so much. Happy birthday little man.

Cindy said...

My little boy turned 5 just before Chrissy too and he jsut seems so grown up all of a sudden - I am not a fan! Though they are still divine I think