Saturday, January 16, 2010

Darn Facebook!

How does everyone split their time between Facebook and blogging? I can't seem to do both right now and lately it's been fun to catch up with long lost friends. Some silly stuff going on. I need another me around here to pick up the slack.

It's been a lazy January summer holidays sort of time. We haven't done much so there is not much to share.

We did go to Sydney to see friends and I observed this interaction between the bubster and one of his friends:

The bubster asks, "Would you like to get married?"

His friend considers and then chirps, "Ok!"

Then she begins to regale him with all the details of the wedding, what kind of dress she wants and the crown she will wear. How many jewels it will have and all. Then she prattles on about the honeymoon and where they will go and what she will wear. Etc. This all goes on for an extended period of time.

Then, she shoots her little pointed finger towards the baby pram she was pushing and demands, "Husband! Push this pram!"

The bubster threw up his arms and exclaimed, "Oh why did I even ASK this question! Ooooooooohhhhhh!"

Ha ha ha!!! I'd say many a men has pondered the very same thought. It looks like 5 year olds are funny too.


forward tumble said...

Oh, wonderful! Thank you for posting, it's good to have you (and the bubster) back in the blog world ;-)

Lazy January summer... we're being snowed under here in the northern hemisphere... I think I'll turn into a migratory bird one of these days.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Simply adorable! This brought such a smile to my face :) Thank you.

Lissy said...

Thanks for the Sunday afternoon laughter...

Such 'wisdom' from little ones. That would give a childhood research sociologist lots to think about!!

Hmm, a Facebook secretary? How come all these "time saving" devices like computers actually suck more time from us...

kate said...

ROTFL! That is truly hilarious!

Yeah, i spend too much time on FB too, though it is pretty shallow time & i don't really like it. So i am trying to be better about blogging but it isn't working very well.

Jacinta said...

Like you, I don't seem to have enough time for everything. For me, facebook is definitely kept to a minimum, whilst I am trying to do more blogging and leave comments when I get a spare moment... afterall, there are so many interesting blogs out there, (and facebook seems to be less creative and more social chit chat (why do people I wok with ask to be my friend and yet through the day they barely say hello?? Having said all THAt it is a great way to find people.

I love this story re the bubster. Kids are so funny. What a giggle.

Karin said...

LOL, so true about the work mates. My husband still has a FB request pending from a work mate who he's just not that into, you know?

I really do prefer blogging. Now to get my FB connections to actually read my blog. LOL

I can't wait to get back to my crafts. Maybe after school holidays?

laura said...

That is too stinking funny!!! And in 20+ years I hope the bubster remembers this particular conversation!!! You made my day!