Friday, May 7, 2010

Jane Austen Festival

Here we all are, dancing away at the Saturday night Ball at the Jane Austen festival. I'm the one in orange, mid left hand side. 

Look like fun? It was! Visit the Jane Austen Festival website and watch the clip from the National Nine News. The whole weekend was a wonderful time of dancing, sewing, and more dancing. I think I may even be starting to get these dances down now. Sort of?

Festival goers came from all over Australia, many with full Jane Austen wardrobes. Amazing! I only managed to complete one dress but I have plans for two more and a long jacket/pelisse (can't get used to calling a jacket that yet. I'll get there!) 

The event's culminated in a Sunday stroll along the lake followed by a Regency afternoon tea with some final dancing of favourites. If this strikes your fancy, come along next year!

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Kelly said...

whaaat!? no blokes?!
looks like a hoot!