Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Sunday Scan

I'm trying to do some scanning of Master Five's drawings. I just think they are fascinating. My scanner is giving me the *you know whats* though today so I have managed only a few scans but that's better than nothing.

Check out these drawings. I love the detail.

Now, check out this Monoprint by Cy Twombly. Don't you love the similarities! I love Cy Twombly. He's one of my favourite artists. And now, I have my own little Cy at home with me. :-)


Kerrie said...

The detail is just fabulous Karin. I'm wondering if you could turn them into lino cuts for printing. They would make great t-shirt or wall hanging designs.

We spent the afternoon at GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art) today...saw the new Ron Mueck Exhibition...brilliant, confronting at times and very evocative.

Have a look here...

Lissy said...

Awesome Karin. I LOVE kids drawings. I love the way they get turned into things at the SouleMamma site. He is so artistic - like his MUM!!!!

Alice said...

I love the drawings. They are just beautiful. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Really kind and helpful. Alice