Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trivia Night last night

Here we are, as Dr. Evil and Foxxy Cleopatra. Shazam people!

We had fun. I made Kieron's outfit and made myself a skirt out of some 70's fabric that I brought back from the States from my mom's.

I've been really busy lately! I want to join in on the My Creative Space meme but just haven't had the camera running. It's funny how much blogging relates to the taking photos. When I don't take photos, I don't blog.

So much to take photos of though; like my 1873 bustle gown that I made a few weeks ago. Or the soft sculpture cupcakes I recently designed! Much going on!

1 comment:

Lissy said...

Dr Evil never looked so good.

You guys crack me up!!

Mini Me is super cute too...