Thursday, July 22, 2010


We've had to return my computer to the Hubster's former department so I haven't had my own computer for almost two weeks! And then, my mobile died! But then it was reborn again! Go figure! 

Gee, it's hard being forced back to the dark ages. I've been virtually unreachable, unless of course, someone were to use the land line. Or knock on the door. It's a ready made opportunity to turn to creative pursuits though!

We will get ourselves sorted out soon and have some fluidity again with our electronic media.  Aside from this glitch, Winter has been progressing nicely. I enjoy a little cold weather. It's the North American in me. I managed to squeeze a proper snowball into shape from the frost that I scrapped from the car this morning. The Boy was very pleased indeed and brought it to school for show and tell. I'm really craving some snow fun. I may need to get a proper scrapper though. The plastic kitchen spatula works ok but I might want to flip some pancakes again one day.

We've had the dreaded Canberran Extreme Sore Throat around our house which has lingered for many weeks but we seem to be at the end of that now. I hope nothing new is around the corner so that we catch a break from the winter illnesses for a bit! 

Perhaps too, you've noticed (anyone still out there?) that I've changed my comments to moderated. I've been getting some spam on this blog and I don't know how to prevent it. I've chosen to moderate the comments so that at least readers don't have to read it! Any tips are welcome!

Final note; we've been approved from the Philippines for adoption. It has taken us 3 1/2 years so far to get to this point in the process. Now we will wait for up to 3 years for allocation. It's all so very long isn't it. In many ways, I feel ambivalent about it and can't picture it happening. I think that the amount of time and the effort it takes to move forward zaps away the initial exuberance one feels at the onset. 

A friend loaned me the book Only Child and I've been finding the author's research enlightening. It turns out all the negativity to which one can be subjected about single child families is myth. Knowing this has helped me to feel empowered and less a victim of societies preconceived notions. On this day today, we are the family we are and that is ok. If we remain this unit of 3, that will be ok. 


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Great to have you back online! I hope you enjoyed your (enforced) break, it can be good to get offline for a while. Good for the soul.

Congratulations on the adoption approval! Wow, it really is a long process! I'll have to hunt down a copy of "Only Child", knowing that we'll just be a family of 3 .

Sorry, I don't have any advice on the spam. I get a stack of it on my older blog and just go in and delete it when it comes. Nice of you to consider your readers though :)

Lissy said...

Hi Karin,

I'm moderating comments too. Getting all this weird spam...honestly. Don't people have better things to do.

Lovely to hear an update. Sigh...what a rollercoaster you have been on these last years. Congratulations on the adoption approval. Wow. My son just asked me why I screamed out. I nearly fell off the chair. I pray that this process might go smoothly for you. ((((hugs))))

Brrrrrrr, I can't get warm tonight - how much colder must it be down there. Uggg. I am so pathetic. My lack of toughness regarding the cold as I get older really is dreadful.