Monday, October 11, 2010

Costumers Picnic

The ACT Costumers Guild picnic at Lanyon House, Canberra. Just a quick little get together to see the homestead and to wear our gear.

I am wearing my bright blue 1873 Polonaise, with walking skirt. It was not that hard to make. I plan to add in detachable lower sleeves and a detachable bodice for my neck line. I only had a hunk of lightweight cotton fabric to protect myself from the sun. I hate getting sunburnt on my chest. Yuck.

Once I've made a proper Victorian corset it will all hang much more smoothly and beautifully. Corsets are so awesome. Really!! 

Sharon and Karin.

My The Searchers pose. 


Anonymous said...

Wow what great outfits. This looks like a really fun day. Thanks for sharing!


Lissy said...

Wow - again - you are clever clever clever!!

P.S. I've been meaning to send you a message. The kids & I were watching a show called "60 minute makeover" (I know, can you believe it?) & they were doing up some rooms in a guys flat - he lived in an old school building in the UK - they put in a rock climbing wall AND a firemans pole. It was awesome & I thought of you straight away!!!!!!

Love your October blog you arty farty you!

The Creative Beast said...

hello! i found you through Tinniegirl's blogtoberfest and the self-portrait challenge and i love your costume! I've worked in costumes in the Los Angeles area for many years which is why I haven't had the opportunity to make such a beautiful costume as yours for myself though i've wanted to...your costume is motivating me to make one now!

Karin said...

Hi Creative Beast, go for it! It's so much fun! I want to wear mine all the time. Sometimes I get the hankering to walk down to the grocery store in it, parasol and all. LOL

That must be a really cool job. I'd love to do something like that. I've done some costuming work in the past for theatres (very minimally) but nothing big. I worked in NYC with a children's wear designer which was fun.

Lissy, I would SO love to add those components to our new house. You do know that we are building a house! Not right this minute but in 2012!