Sunday, June 8, 2008

Project update

So, I finished the jumper from this and this post. It looks pretty good although if I were to do it again (not in a million years, what is she crazy??), I'd do the decreases at the collar edge different to the given pattern. I really like how the raglan sleeve turned out - it's a circular needle method. I'm not sure about the heart but I've been told by the bubster that he'd prefer the heart to be at the bottom so he can see it.

Not that he will wear it anyway. He hates knitted garments!!! WTH right??? I have wool for one more garment from the pattern book. Best just get the pain over with I reckon and get clicking. It's a vest, maybe he will wear it?? It's red. Maybe that will help??

He's going inside now to take it off. My goal is to make something he will wear. But what to do with all the stuff he doesn't then??....

Now, remember the wool from this post? Well, I knitted up this hat with it.
I'm not entirely sold on the hat. I'm not sure I like it. I may fiddle around with the top again and see if I'd like it better gathered. This is a problem I have actually. I can't leave well enough alone. If something just doesn't seem right, I will fiddle with it. I could even undo the whole thing! I don't think I will go that far with this one though.

And my latest thing? Making something for myself! Screw the little guy right??Crap photo (need splendid new camera). I'm working this lace pattern which I think is going very nicely. Once finished, it should be a very cool Victorian shrug! If only I had somewhere to wear it other than to wash dishes!! Perhaps it's time for a date with the man of the house.......He has been wanting to see the latest Indiana Jones flick.

Babysitting anyone??

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Angela said...


I'm very sorry for my lateness but I have finally had a chance to add your wonderful blog to my 'This Is' blog roll!

I'm very impressed by your knitting, I wish I had your talent.

Thank you for playing This Is!!

Angela xx